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Release/announcement of SA Draft White Paper on Science, Technology and Innovation – 10 Sept. 2018

Science, technology and innovation enabling sustainable and inclusive development in a changing world

Also see the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa 2024 (Please share news on adoption of strategies within tour countries with AOSP)

Twenty years after the adoption of the first White Paper on Science and Technology (DST) in 1996, the SA Department of Science and Technology began developing a new draft White Paper on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), which was approved by Cabinet last week. The new document will ensure a growing role for STI in building a more prosperous and inclusive society.  It focuses on using STI to accelerate inclusive economic growth, make the economy more competitive and improve people’s everyday lives.

The White Paper to be read in full, but for now, pages 44 & 45 of the White Paper speaks to Open Science and Innovation (attached for now, until full text becomes available). Two paragraphs from the two pages:

The public now has 30 days to give input, followed by a summit in November. Following final integration of comments, it will be submitted to the SA Cabinet for final approval.