Monthly Archives: March 2018

Humans of Data 24

“My story with data is funny. A year and half ago I didn’t know the term ‘big data’ exists. I couldn’t sleep one night in Cairo and I was reading online, and I found an article about big data. I had no idea what it was. So it was like, ‘This is interesting. I should be learning about this.’

So I was self-learning from scratch, so I think the passion started at the first sight. I’m so glad I didn’t sleep this night – because here I am studying data because of not sleeping!

I’m passionate about what we can do with data. It’s something very precious. It’s there and no one is using it so let’s use it. Because I have data, I can do things other people can’t. I’m still learning because data is complicated. But when you have them, data gives you power that other people don’t have.”