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Call for Papers – Data Science Journal

The Data Science Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access, electronic journal dedicated to the advancement of data science and its application in policies, practices and management of Open Data.

We are currently soliciting submissions for papers on a wide range of data science topics, across the whole range of computational, natural and social science, and the humanities. The scope of the journal includes descriptions of data systems, their implementations and their publication, applications, infrastructures, software, legal, reproducibility and transparency issues, the availability and usability of complex datasets, and with a particular focus on the principles, policies and practices for data.

All data is in scope, whether born digital or converted from other sources, and all research disciplines are covered. Data is a cross-domain, cross-discipline topic, with common issues, regardless of the domain it serves. The Data Science Journal publishes a variety of article types (research papers, practice papers, review articles and essays). The Data Science Journal also publishes data articles, describing datasets or data compilations, if the potential for reuse of the data is significant or if considerable efforts were required in compilation. Similarly, the Data Science Journal also publishes descriptions of online simulation, database, and other experiments, partnering with digital repositories on ‘meta articles’ or ‘overlay articles’, which link to and allow visualisation of the data, thereby adding an entirely new dimension to the communication and exchange of data research results and educational materials.

For further information, and to submit a manuscript, please visit

CODATA Collection in Zenodo: Recent Reports

zenodo-gradient-1000For a little while now, CODATA has been using Zenodo as a repository for our most important reports, statements and some presentations.

Zenodo is an openly-available digital repository ‘launched within the OpenAIREplus project as part of a Europe-wide research infrastructure.’  See the About and FAQs for further information.  Like many innovative parts of the data infrastructure, Zenodo is still developing a sustainability model: we certainly hope that it is around for the long term.

Zenodo has a clean and attractive interface and it is easy to use.  Above all, we like it because it allows the creation of Communities or Collections, assigns DOIs and provides Altmetrics.

CODATA Reports in Zenodo

Below is a list of the recent CODATA publications in Zenodo.

The Value of Open Data Sharing: A CODATA White Paper for the Group on Earth Observations:

This White Paper was prepared for the GEO-XII Plenary in Mexico City by the GEO Participating Organization CODATA (the ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Technology). Through showcasing diverse benefits of open Earth observations data, the paper is designed to facilitate the process of transitioning from restricted data policies to more open policies for government data. This document was submitted to GEO-XII for its information and use. Supplementary case studies are most welcome.

CODATA Report: Current Best Practice for Research Data Management Policies:

Report on Current Best Practice for Research Data Management Policies commissioned from CODATA by the Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation and the Danish Digital Library and submitted in May 2014.

CODATA Recommended Values of the Fundamental Physical Constants: 2014

This document gives the 2014 self-consistent set of values of the constants and conversion factors of physics and chemistry recommended by the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA). These values are based on a least-squares adjustment that takes into account all data available up to 31 December 2014. The recommended values may also be found at

CODATA Recommended Values of the Fundamental Physical Constants: 2014 – Summary

This paper provides a brief summary of the work of the CODATA Task Group on Fundamental Physical Constants to produce the 2014 CODATA Recommended Values of the Fundamental Physical Constants.

CODATA Data Sharing Principles in Developing Countries:

The ‘Data Sharing Principles in Developing Countries’, or ‘Nairobi Data Sharing Principles’ were developed by participants of the CODATA Workshop on Open Data for Science and Sustainability in Developing Countries held on 6-8 August 2014 at UNESCO in the United Nations Offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

CODATA Uniform Description System for Materials on the Nanoscale v1.0:

Uniform Description System for Materials on the Nanoscale v1.0, prepared by the CODATA-VAMAS Working Group On the Description of Nanomaterials.