CODATA International Training Workshop in Big Data for Science, for Researchers from Emerging and Developing Countries

codata-china-logoCODATA, in collaboration with CODATA-China is delighted to invite applications from young researchers, research leaders and managers of research institutes in countries with emerging and developing economies to participate in the CODATA International Training Workshop in Big Data for Science, Beijing, 4-20 June 2014.  Participation for successful applicants will be financially supported, thanks to a grant from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).  The deadline for applications is 16 April.  Further details, application instructions and the application form are available here.

Data Science and International Collaboration for the Big Data Age

New types of ‘mega-science’ facilities and sensors are generating streams of digital data from telescopes, video cameras, traffic monitors, magnetic resonance imaging machines, and biological and chemical sensors monitoring the environment. This is a Big Data age, and it presents many exciting opportunities to make scientific research more productive, to accelerate discovery and innovation, and thereby to address key environmental, developmental and societal challenges.

The training program offered aims to engage participants with a number of facets of data science and data management in the age of Big Data.  Topics include, but are not limited to, interdisciplinary applications of data intensive research, data management policies, cloud computing, visualization and data infrastructure development.

Through an intensive programme of lectures and workshop activities, the course will promote interaction and exchange of knowledge between experts and participants.  It is intended that participants should benefit greatly from participation in a group from widely varying academic and national backgrounds.

Chinese_Academy_of_Sciences_logoA number of activities will be organized involving elite Chinese scientists, in order to promote knowledge sharing and to develop opportunities for future exchanges and collaboration.  Participants will benefit also from visits to a number of leading research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  In these visits, participants will have the opportunity to learn from the scientific approach, management expertise, knowledge development and practical application which characterize activities at CAS institutes working at the frontiers of research.