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In the context of a researcher’s job, an incumbent-based position means that the researcherís achievements in research contexts determine his/her level for initial appointments and promotion in a job. Incumbents are promoted by appointment to a higher level in their own positions based upon the incumbent’s’ qualifications.. Only valued outcomes are used to assess a researcherís level. Valued outcomes are identified as those being expected at the respective level, for entry into that level, for each of three research contexts. At each level, the competencies, responsibilities and valued outcomes of the previous level are assumed to be included. Evidence at each level may be similar but is expected to be more extensive at higher levels. Other job types are governed by a position-based approach (e.g., Research manager). RELATED TERM. Researcher; Principal Investigator; Research manager; Project manager; Laboratory manager; Manager; Researcher level, Incumbent-based; Research context; Valued outcome