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The application of a comprehensive knowledge of professional specialties in the fields of dentistry, medicine, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, occupational and physical therapy, pharmacy, psychology and social work to the safety and physical and mental well-being of people; and, in the field of veterinary medicine, to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases and the determination of the human safety of veterinary drugs. Activities include the: (a) Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental disease and abnormal dental conditions, and the management of dental health programs; (b) Conduct and management of programs to promote public and individual health and the reduction of disease; (c) Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disability and abnormal physical and mental conditions; (d) Assessment of the incidence and prevalence of diseases; the assessment of the fitness for work; the medical assessment of applicants for immigration; and the assessment of the medical fitness of specific occupations; (e) Assessment of medical fitness for the determination of disability, special equipment and services; (f) Appraisal of drugs and medical devices for safety and efficacy under the conditions of their intended use; (g) Care of patients and the treatment and management of illness in co-operation with medical doctors, and the provision of specialized nursing services; (h) Evaluation of nursing policies, procedures, standards and practices and the conduct of related research and education; (i) Development of standards and guides in the field of nutrition and dietetics; the assessment of nutritional requirements and provision of nutrition and dietetic services; the provision of nutritional education and information; the management of nutritional programs; and the management of food services; (j) Assessment and treatment of clients for whom occupational or physical therapy services are required for the improvement or maintenance of their well-being; (k) Planning and management of client treatment or health education programs delivered by health care providers; (l) Compounding and dispensing of drugs; and the maintenance and control or the audit of drug stocks; (m) Conduct of research in human behaviour, the assessment of human motives, abilities, skills, decisions and acts, and the treatment of human behaviour; (n) Promotion of individual, group and community well-being through the identification and assessment of social needs; and the planning, development and delivery and management of social programs and social work services with the objective of lessening, removing or preventing the physical, emotional and material problems of individuals, families or groups; (o) Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases; the examination of animals, organs and tissues to determine whether they are diseased or potentially harmful to people or animals; and the evaluation of veterinary drugs to determine their human safety; (p) Provision of advice in the above fields; and, (q) Leadership of any of the above activities.