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DDI-CDI Webinar Series

May 2020

CODATA is collaborating with the DDI Foundation throughout 2020 on a series of webinars to support the public review of the DDI-Cross Domain Integration specification.

The goal is to provide background so that reviewers, especially those from outside the traditional DDI community, have enough information to give the new specification a considered review.

Some of these events are organised for the DDI community, others seek a wider audience and are convened in partnership with CODATA. The numbering below is indicative and may change as the dates for each webinar are finalised.

  1. CESSDA (DDI), Wed 27 May, 14:00 UTC [presentation and recording]
  2. General audience* (DDI and CODATA), Tue 16 Jun, 13:00 UTC and Thu 18 Jun, 07:00 UTC [presentations and recordings]
  3. DDI Community (DDI), Wed 24 June, 14:00 UTC [presentations and recordings]
  4. Official Statistics (DDI), Thu 22 July, 13:00 UTC [presentations and recordings]
  5. Data Description (DDI and CODATA), 1) Introductory Webinar, Wed 12 August, 14:00 UTC [presentation and recording] and 2) Discussion Workshop, Wed 19 August 14:00 UTC [presentation and recording].
  6. Applying DDI-CDI to the EOSC (or what can DDI-CDI do for the EOSC), Fri 20 Nov, 14:00 UTC [presentation and recording]
  7. Data Processing and Provenance, Wed 9 December, 15:00 UTC [further information and registration]


Possible future topics include:

  1. Environmental Sciences (DDI and CODATA)
  2. Chemical, material and structural sciences (DDI and CODATA)
  3. Health/Infectious Disease (DDI and CODATA)
  4. Earth sciences (DDI and CODATA)
  5. Life Sciences (DDI and CODATA)
  6. Engineering (DDI and CODATA)
  7. Physical sciences (DDI and CODATA)
  8. UML/OMG and Modelling-related (DDI)
  9. Discovery standards (, DCAT) (DDI and CODATA)
  10. Process/Provenance standards (PROV, BPMN) (DDI and CODATA)
  11. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other policy monitoring indicators (DDI and CODATA)